[C#] Zoho People Client Library

Advertisement from Google  Zoho People Client v1.0.0 released. ZohoPeopleClient – C# asynchronous client library to interact with the Zoho People API. Supported API TimeLogAPI (Get/Add/Delete) JobsAPI (Get) LeaveAPI (GetHolidays) FetchRecordAPI (Get) NuGet Package Source Code GitHub Current Release Build Status Advertisement from Google Examples Sign in with login and password var client = new ZohoClient();… Read More »

ZohoPeopleTimeLogger v1.1 Even Smarter Than Before

Yes! It finally happened. New version of ZohoPeopleTimeLogger released 🙂 Download In ZohoPeopleTimeLoger v1.1 you don’t need to think about your time tracking at all! This smart program will do everything for you. Do you have any booked vacation in this month? Not a problem. Press “Make me happy!” button and ZohoPeopleTimeLogger will fill all days… Read More »

[Windows 10] VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR after wake up

I have installed new Windows 10 on my PC, everything was fine until I decided to put my computer in to a sleep mode. After a while I turn on my computer and got my first BSOD. That was VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR. After this error, I have tried to update my chipset and video drivers, that didn’t work.… Read More »

“The system has returned from a low power state.” in the middle of the night

When I’m done working with my computer, I usually put it in a sleep mode. But recently (probably after some windows update), in the morning my computer was always on. Reason First I checked Event Viewer and found following record: The system has returned from a low power state. Sleep Time: ‎2015‎-‎07‎-‎29T20:54:24.378170500Z Wake Time: ‎2015‎-‎07‎-‎30T02:18:17.109989000Z… Read More »

ZohoPeopleTimeLogger v1.0.0 Keep Your Time Tracker Up-To-Date

Are you tired of filling in monthly time reports in Zoho People because of it’s stupid UI? Then ZohoPeopleTimeLogger is just a right solution for you. Only one button which will make you happy! One click and you are done!   How does it work? ZohoPeopleTimeLogger will automatically find Job that is relevant for the selected month and… Read More »

OpenCart Weight Shipping With Tracking Code

For a MintChocolate store I was asked to add one additional delivery option: Shipping with tracking code. I have looked for a free extension with such functionality but wasn’t able to find a proper one. So I’ve decided to create such extension. Now, we are using weight based delivery, so I just copied existing shipping option and… Read More »

Блогомарафон v2.0. Статистика. Результаты. Выводы

Вот и закончился блогомарафон v2.0. Не просто было 30-ть дней подряд писать по одной статье, но я справился 🙂 С результатами марафона можно ознакомиться по тегу блогомарафон. Теперь пришло время проанализировать результаты, сделать небольшие выводы и поделиться впечатлениями. Первое что приходит в голову после месяца написания статей, порой очень тяжело найти тему для очередного поста.… Read More »

[ASP.NET 5] Production Ready Web Server on Linux. Run Kestrel In The Background

In the previous article we have installed nginx as a “gate” for our ASP.NET 5 application. Today we will see how to start kestrel server in the background. We will do even more, we will create init.d script to control our APS.NET 5 application and start it on  the system’s startup. The simplest way to… Read More »

[Fix] Error “Status: 0xc00000e9” in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

You might get this error during booting or while installing a new version of Windows. Error code 0xc00000e9 refers to an unexpected I/O error. Usually, it is caused by damaged HDD, so first what you should do is to check you Hard Drive. You can use standard Windows CHKDSK or Linux ntfsfix. Load from Windows or Linux live USB… Read More »