[Fixed] “Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition” during installing Windows 8.1(8, 7, Vista, etc) from USB

By | July 16, 2014

If you try to install any version of Windows from USB falsh drive you may got this error: “Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition”

I have already found tricky solution for Windows 7 but it didn’t help me with Windows 8.1.

So I have found another solution that will be suitable for any Windows version.

Basically you just need to copy all installation files from USB flash drive to your HDD (or SDD) drive and make it bootable, and then continue installation from HDD to HDD

Step by step instruction:

  1. Boot windows installation from USB drive
  2. Press Shift+F10
  3. In console type diskpart.exe and press enter. In this program execute following:
    1. select disk=0. Disk 0 is your destination drive, so be careful, all information on this drive will be removed.
    2. create partition primary size=xxx, where xxx – is the size of new partition
    3. select partition=1
    4. active
    5. format fs=ntfs quick
    6. assign
    7. exit, now you have bootable drive C
  4. Navigate to USB flash drive, in my case: cd d:
  5. Copy all files from USB drive to C: drive: xcopy d: c: /e /h /k
  6. Go to boot folder: cd boot
  7. Make you C: drive bootable with following command: bootsect /nt60 c:
  8. Put off USB drive from computer and restart them.
  9. Install Windows
  10. Remove unnecessary menu item from bootscreen:
    1. Run cmd.exe as Administrator
    2. See boot menu list bcdedit
    3. Find Windows Setup and copy identifier
    4. Run bcdedit /delete {identifier}
  11. PROFIT!

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    1. Sayed

      5. Copy all files from USB drive to C: drive: xcopy d: c: /e /h /k
      couldn’t understand please help me.
      still I’m facing this problem ” Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition”

      1. Silicon Doge

        Simple fix. Unplug any extra sata drives only leave the primary connected. Install. Reconnect additional drives. Bingo

        1. JJ

          Your suggested worked!
          I had plugged in an external harddrive by mistake.
          Removed irt – It worked!

        2. Nirmalya Das

          thank you very much dear..I was also facing the same issue that previously told by other..did the way u told..bingo..thank u very much.thnx a lot

        3. Alex

          Simple and perfect! Worked for me after 1 hour of “diskpart” messing around! Good job!!!

        4. Teo

          Hi. I have the same problem, still facing “setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition”.
          I only have an SSD which is the primay and an USB.
          What should I do now ?

      2. TR

        Thanks for great guide! It is now a known issue that USB 3.0 Drives cannot be recognised by older PC’s
        Two points however were left out that meant it didn’t work for me just using the guide:

        1: If you do not want partitions and just want to use the whole main drive as the windows install, then Step 2 should just be: create partition primary

        You do not need to add the partition size if using the whole drive as a single partition.

        2: Step 4 “Navigate to USB flash drive” you need to be able to find out what your drive number is and if you’re accessing the command prompt from the windows install page you need to type:

        wmic logicaldisk get deviceid, volumename, description

        This will let you see what the drive letter is of any attached storage device so you can properly assign the correct drive to copy from. In my case the command was:

        xcopy d: f:

        3: Also in Step 4, the listed copy command only copied over 3 files, when the correct number should be 877 for a win7 install disk. This is because you need to add another small command to copy over all directories, subdirectories and files within them to make the boot disk work.

        You need to add the suffix of: /E

        Until I added this at the end of the command it did not include all the content needed to work.

        Therefore, this is what my working command looked like:

        xcopy d: f: /e

        Then it copied all the files. From here you can type EXIT to close command.

        Then make sure you remove ANY other attached drives and restart your computer and the install will load directly from your main drive.

        1. Alex Reyes

          Hey there, I don’t really leave comments here but I just wanna thank you for your very constructive comment.
          I didn’t really understand some of the steps above but you explained it very clearly. It took me 8 hours trying to fix this but thanks to you I can finally get rest. Thank you very much! 🙂

    2. dokimeister


      Have you tried setting the SATA Mode selection (in BIOS) to IDE instead of AHCI?

      You can install this way. After the installation is finished, you can switch it back to AHCI.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Agostino

        Another possible solution in AHCI mode with Sata3 on asus p7p55D-e LX:

        The drive were you will install Windows (an SSD corsair force3 in my case) should stay in the PORT0 in order to be the first drive recognized.
        This worked for me.

        I did several attempts (remove usb stick, try a set up from external hard disk and more).

        To note that Ubuntu installation went just fine in every case. Windows sux.


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    1. nabeel alsobou

      Thank you for your hard work in just want any one else have this problem to try to change the USB flash drive… Don’t use Kingston i don’t know why but I tried every single solution on every single website and forum nothing worked i just replaced my Kingston bootable flash with another one and it worked smoothly…. I hope it will work with you too it’s deserve a try in comparison with the effort you will have to find a solution for this problem

      1. rivhop

        man, I tried your advice, and it works like a charm. I change from kingstone to another brand, and it go flawlesly..
        And i just hate my kingstone fd for this.

      2. Loma chiyaa

        Million times thank you, i spent 5 hours banging my head on wall until i red this

      3. gawdemmet

        yup. this did it for me too. I don’t understand why. a flash drive is a flash drive. but apparently kingstom is just shit

      4. Misuro Sato

        AWESOME…. various days after and many tries (so many tries) and it was just a kingston datatraveler F*#$-up. Changed to another usb drive and didn’t even ask anything else… just go.

        THANKS A LOT …..

  3. Manick

    Thnx a lot , after 10hrs headache , u finally made me to do it ….thnk God I luckily saw ur msg…. Thnx a lot….

  4. Relja

    Thank you so much for instructions. I tried so many other guides and none of them helped. I was so frustrated that I thought this is impossible to do. Back to Windows 7 from Windows 8.1.
    Thanks again and you are the best!

  5. Big L

    i don’t normally leave comments on pages like this but it really helped me out after going through lots of forums and guides. seems to be a common issue but none of the solutions were working for me, most suggested removing USB devices…

    i have a 2009 macbook pro and i’m installing windows 7 by USB because i replaced the superdrive with a 2nd hard drive. the first method on the other page didn’t work because it was still looking for a driver after removing the thumb drive, but this method definitely worked. i was worried my 2nd drive would cause the same problem once i got to the partition selection screen but nope, it works!


  6. John

    After a long struggle trying to install from USB, this did the trick. Thanks!.

  7. RosuC

    I can’t say anything else than real Thank You – Ivan – Спасибо – the solution helped me and after wasting 10 hours, opening 3 computers and 2 laptops with such a simple method I’ve succeed to fix this SDD.

    1. Sayed

      5. Copy all files from USB drive to C: drive: xcopy d: c: /e /h /k
      couldn’t understand please help me.
      still I’m facing this problem ” Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition”

      1. Alex

        Just remove any other sata HDDs and leave just the one You want to install on. Worked for me!!!

  8. JC

    Hey Druss,

    This method didn’t work for me when installing Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit. When I use the xcopy command I get an error saying ‘The system cannot find the file specified’. Any ideas how to solve this or what causes it?

    1. Abid

      Same thing happened to me. I noticed when I execute those active and assign commands then the usb disk gets dismounted and hence the error.

      So I tried only steps 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and here I am installing win7

      Great guide…I dont usually post, but this post is an exception. Thanks Druss

  9. Cley Faye

    Haha. What a fix, copy all the installation package to the harddrive. So much for advertising “easy USB installation”.

    Anyway, that solution worked well. I had to adjust a bit with driver letters though. And it even avoided a probable issue I would have had with sdcard reader and stuff like that, so thanks.

  10. James

    I wonder if this process will delete all my data from the other drives. Wouldn’t it?

      1. kesav

        Dear druss im also facing same prob but im cant complete yr steps….. Aftet reboot it says Device manager missing..
        From 4 step onwards it not works..
        In Yr case u take cd d. Hw to i find the partion name.
        Im start with
        plz any one rrply about what prob im facing?

  11. william thornton

    above where you replace xxx with the size, how should it be formatted?

    specifically, what should I enter if setup says that my only partition has 29.8 gb total size with 29.7 gb available?

  12. prince

    i cant find that folder 6:Go to boot folder: cd boot :/
    the error is also not goin either ,, im booting from cd

  13. Uffe Balslev

    Thank you! This is was the solution I needed after eight hours of hairpulling :D.
    For everyone else. remember to check what the different drives are called (the usb, the harddrive, the boot) because you might’ve changed the name if you change the boot sequence – I think. First time I tried this way I couldn’t write “cd boot” but “cd x:” worked for me.

    1. Uffe Balslev

      Oh and for the “create partition primary size=xxx” I opted to not give any size as I thought I would be sure not to miss out on any space.

  14. rogerio

    god bless you
    you just made my day
    keep posting helpfull stuff 🙂

  15. simplynice

    Thanks for this!

    You might as well state how to get the drive letter so they can identify which is HDD or Flash drive.

  16. acho

    THANKS DUDE! The only solution that worked after 5 wasted hours of struggling.

  17. Anurag Jaiswal

    Thanks a lot Sir. I try to resolve this problem but no satisfaction found in Google. I try to your trick and it’s helpful for me My problem resolved .So very very Thank You.

  18. Naveen

    Mannnn!!!!!!!!!!! You are my god for the day 🙂 🙂 🙂 , That was really an fantastic way to solve this problem. If you dont mind i would like to post the same post in my blog and give you an backlink 🙂

    1. druss Post author

      You are welcome! I also had a lot of pain with this problem. Backlink is always good, thanks 🙂

    2. cyrus dj

      how did it work and whats the procedure to install windows 7 while it shows system partition etc etc……

  19. Elias

    When I red the solution i was like: what the f***

    Then when it worked i was like: what the f***

    Thanks man you are the only one on the whole internet to give this solution stay up!

  20. Walrus

    I never leave comment (I’m a grumpy so and so) but
    your guide was the best I found on the net.

    Great work buddy. Thanks

  21. Frederik Cocquyt

    When i run the cmd to delete the boot menu i see no windows setup, i see windows boot manager, and two times windows boot loader. help?

  22. mevin Booteeah

    guys.this is the trick.I have been trying all day and night….lits if thnks

  23. Dave2202

    My man you are a LEGEND!!!!! Cant believe this worked, was about to throw my datatraveller in the bin!

    I never make comments on forums, but you Sir deserve a hats off.



  24. Jiwoo

    Sir, you are the best! This was the only solution that worked. It didn’t work the first time, but I created a separate partition (60/160G) and only formatted that partition, leaving the rest (100G) unallocated. When I copied all the USB files onto the new partition and restarted the computer, it somehow worked! Not sure if leaving the unallocated partition made any difference the 2nd time around but for others having the same issue, there is a workaround!

  25. Blackfish13

    I love u.. I bought a new MSI nighblade and the fan is really loud but I was looking forward to pllaying Battlefield and COd etc and had such a hard time with this but your solution works!!!! Y O U R E T H E B E S T

  26. Naldo Kays

    After hours and hours of searching the net, i came across this and i said to myself, Really!!! can this work, i did it,and Really!!!! it worked.

    You are a star man, Keep it man,

    (This is my first time commenting on pages like these)

  27. sp

    Dont understand below steps – pl explain why

    10.Remove unnecessary menu item from bootscreen: 1.Run cmd.exe as Administrator
    2.See boot menu list bcdedit
    3.Find Windows Setup and copy identifier
    4.Run bcdedit /delete {identifier}

    1. M1xaylo

      In order to avoid keep selecting boot option every time you power up you need to delete instalation boot

      Run CMD as admin
      Type bcdedit
      the one you want to keep will have identifier as current
      type bcdedit /delete {identifier} (long string)

      if this do not work – do right click and select MARK
      go over identifier you want to remove and select it and press ENTER (copy)
      type bcdedit/delete and right click PASTE
      press enter

      it will tell you that operation was succesfully performed and next time you restart/power up it will go straight to Win and you wont see 2nd boot option

  28. James

    Somewhat confusing, but it worked out in the end. Now I can say I have installed Windows on a hard drive from the hard drive itself.

  29. Josiah

    For those wanting to find what the volume label is for your USB stick just unplug it from your computer restart installation, it’ll give en error about drivers or something. Plug in your USB and press browse. The letter in the (X:) brackets will be the volume label.

  30. carl

    Freaking thanks alot. And i see alot of questions about drive letters. if you are not sure. You can write “notepad” in cmd then go to “file” and “open” just toggle ur way to see what your driverletters are. Anyways thanks alot!

  31. KWash

    I did almost everything up to the part where I’m suppose to install windows 7 and while it was installing, it shut off on me. Now everytime I type in **xcopy (E:) c:/e/h/k** It’ll say

    **Invalid drive specification 0File(s) copied** Please help! copying the files from USB worked the first timed but after my laptop shut off on me (the battery charger wasn’t plugged in all the way) it’s not working. What do I need to do? Am I doing something wrong?

    1. ilerien

      Had same issue..
      just check drive letters… At first it said c to m
      e after some time I it became e…. So just check

      Also kudos if this works to oeg poster

  32. Rebekah_harper

    Sweet, thank you.
    Took me a couple of attempts but finally achieved it.

    Big thank you. Quicker than 14 hrs last time lol

  33. pavle


  34. johan

    I followed every step on this guide and it still don’t work. I till get the message. i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. i’m trying to install windows 7 ultimate 64-bit.

  35. teej

    You are a CHAMPION!!!
    This was the only method that worked for me!


  36. Rigoberto

    Hi, is easy only change the usb stick for an USB 2.0, is an problem with de usb 3.0

  37. Max

    druss, man, you’re a genius, I have no word to describe how thankful I am for your instructions.

    there are so many “solutions” out there that did not helped me.

    god bless you !

  38. spchtr

    If you are having trouble figuring out what drive letters are your usb, and hdd.

    while in diskpart use the command

    show volumes;

    It should list the volumes with the sizes. Determining which is which is usually pretty easy after that.

  39. semp

    Hi, after the last step I get bootmgr is missing while booting :/ what should I do?

    1. Chad

      After trying these steps I kept getting bootmgr is missing and it wouldn’t work. I finally figured out where I was going wrong.
      ****VERY IMPORTANT*** My issue was that there was 2 USB drive letters created when I booted the USB key. The X drive (which was the one I kept trying to use) and the E: drive which was the install image. I was copying files from the X: drvie and not the e: drive.

      Make sure the files being copied is from a source drive showing > 1 GB pace used. otherwise you have the wrong files

  40. IGnatius T Foobar

    It’s outrageous that for all of its resources, Microsoft can’t build an installer that works properly. Thanks for posting this.

  41. Vick

    It worked for me also. Thanks a bunch! I had to play with the drive letters in step 4 and 5. In order to find out your drive letters just press Alt+Tab and click on Install Driver, a window will open with your drives lined up, memorize them , then press ALT+Tab to get back to your CMD to continue.

  42. Sebastian

    Man..This is a Heck of a tutorial..What u just did here is more than Help to me…Congratulations Man…

  43. Mooki

    After 3 hours struggling why it didn’t work, i just swap my 3.0 USB key by a 2.0 and it finally works ! thanks god

  44. K

    Usually dont´t credit solutions I find online, but this was extremely helpful. Worked perfectly (and what a quick install on my SSD)!

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  46. Josh

    These are my slighly tweaked instructions based on Druss’:

    Step by step instruction:
    1. Boot windows installation from USB drive
    2. All partitions should be deleted from the drive
    1. Follow the installation wizard, select Custom, and delete all partitions
    2. Arrow back to main/first Install screen
    3. Press Shift+F10 to open command prompt screen
    4. In console type diskpart.exe and press enter. In this program execute following:
    1. select disk=0. Disk 0 is your destination drive, so be careful, all information on this drive will be removed.
    2. create partition primary size=xxx, where xxx – is the size of new partition – and the same size as the USB key you will copy to this partition. In this case xxx=30000 (30GB)
    3. select partition=1
    4. active
    5. format fs=ntfs quick
    6. assign
    7. list volume Notate USB Flash Drive letter F: (The new partition should be C:)
    8. exit, now you have bootable drive C
    5. Navigate to USB flash drive, in my case: F:
    6. Copy all files from USB drive to C: drive: xcopy F: C: /e /h /k
    7. Go to boot folder: C:\boot
    8. Make the C: drive bootable with following command: bootsect /nt60 c:
    1. Ignore error on random volume
    9. Pull out USB drive from computer
    10. Restart computer
    11. Install Windows
    1. Go through Install Wizard
    2. You’ll see the 30GB System Partition you created. This can be used for future restores if needed.
    3. Install Windows on the unallocated space

    12. Change countdown time on boot screen from 30 to 5 seconds:
    1. When in windows run: msconfig
    2. On the Boot tab change the time out from 30 to 5 seconds
    13. Done

    1. Belle

      Thanks man!!
      It was the extra note “and the same size as the USB key you will copy to this partition” that saved me… I was making the partition small (200MB) as described in other setup instructions *doh*, clearly makes no sense as it wasn’t big enough for the data, but I just thought I was putting the data on the wrong drive or something – it’s late and I’d tried too many different things, was losing any sense of logic!

  47. Piyish kumar

    Do this working for me .. When yo got things msg . Then press shift +f10 then a console will. Open . Then type diskpart . Then list disk . Then select your disk . After then type list partition . After select the parition in which yu want to install Window . Eg select partition 3. After type active . press enter . Then type. Formate fs = ntfs quick . And press enter . Thats it .now restart yur computer then install easly . Not : after restart Select the same partition to install window . Which yu formt in upper stages . Done

  48. Anders

    Hey guys,

    First of all thank you for a great guide! I used this for my old hdd and worked like a charm.

    Now i try to do the same thing with my new hdd, i succesfully create the partition, copy the files and make the windows setup bootable on the hdd. But when i restart the computer and has the hdd selected as bootable all that comes up is a black screen with a blinking underscore. It doesn’t even reach the windows logo.

    Any ideas on this?

    Thank you

  49. rax86

    I am unable to proceed to c:\boot as xcopy does not seem to finish. It ends at E:sources\install.wim and then the marker just keeps ticking. Cant type anything from this point. What the heck is wrong?

  50. rax86

    Allthough I can see now that the system partition which i created has 3gb less space which equals the files i copied with the xcopy command. I open up a new window as the previous one does not work as I previous mentioned. I try to type c:\boot but without sucess, it says is not recognized as internal or externalcommand, operable progrsm or batch file.

  51. Alex

    Dude , God bless you !
    This method is simple and effective , you saved my computer , thanks!

  52. best74

    Hi, i know this is old, but maybe this solution will help others!

    Press shift+F10 when you’re in the installer.

    run diskpart.exe from the commmand prompt that opens.

    Rund the following in diskpart:
    Sel disk 0

    exit back to windows installer and try again.

  53. Eralp Sahin

    I was like there is no way that would work, I am sure I will make a mistake while writing the codes in cmd but hell no I cant believe this solution it worked. Thanks a lot man

  54. Johan

    I do not understand the no. 10 instructions:

    Remove unnecessary menu item from bootscreen:
    Run cmd.exe as Administrator
    See boot menu list bcdedit
    Find Windows Setup and copy identifier
    Run bcdedit /delete {identifier}

    When I run cmd.exe and bcdedit, I get three hits. Which one am I supposed to delete? There is one identifier “bootmgr”, one “current” and one with alot of different letters and numbers… I guess the last one?


  55. Ali Erdem

    You do a real MVP. Thank you buddy. I wish i could see that page earlier

  56. Kam

    Hello Everyone,

    I started refurbishing old PCs and started to get this error listed above when trying to load the OS from a USB stick as others stated. I read through some of the fixes but none worked for me and frankly they were all pretty complex if you are trying to load multiple systems (I am creating images to PXE boot the other of the same model). I found the simplest solution ever!! The issue is actually the type of USB stick that you are using. The Kensington Sticks don’t work (as I think they are USB 3.0). I checked all the sticks I had and they were all Kensington. I switched to using a Cheap Lexar 8GB Stick I got from Office Depot. I have used these sticks and never got the error again. I didn’t have to go through all the copying files etc it just worked how it should the first time. There may be other brands that work but I would save the hassle and buya Lexar stick and use that. Cost me 5.99 but the hours saved were worth a lot more than that. Also I found that DVD Install works just as well. Just my 2 cents is all…

  57. stefosrb

    i stuck at xcopy pleas help my usb is e: local disk is c: and i have boot folder that is x: so what to type in xcopy…

  58. erdik

    PERFECT!!! Works like a charm. Saw many videos on youtube without any outcome. This helped immediatelly. Thanks a lot !

  59. Brian

    I actually didn’t have to use this tutorial but I wanted to add that if you have more than one hard drive installed, unplug the other one. That fixed my problem. Hope this helps someone.

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  61. Bruce

    Thanks so much for this guide. Like many others I was tearing my hair out and this worked for me. For what its worth i set the primary partition size as 30 gb ie 30000. and left the rest unallocated. I also needed to change the drive letters – i did this after list volume showed me the usb was set a s C and my hard drive parttition had no drive letter assigned. Changing this was easy using the diskpart tool.

  62. Petrix

    Hello and thanks for the step-by-step tutorial. I followed all the steps according to your instructions, but I still had troubles installing the windows (after step 8 (rebooting) I was getting a black screen with the following text:
    “error: unknown filesystem.
    Entering rescue mode…
    grub rescue>”

    To solve this, I added /mbr to the step 7 command (7. Make you C: drive bootable with following command: bootsect /nt60 c: /mbr).

  63. Ali

    There is a simpler and different way to solve this problem. At least I solved this way. You may try your luck.
    This is assuming that you are installing windows on second HDD / SSD on laptop.

    1. Delete all the partitions of second HDD / SSD where you want to install windows as clean install.
    2. Use AOMEI Partition assistant. I used that. You can try other software.
    3. Let the disk space remain unallocated. Don’t fomat.
    4. Boot from windows installation media ( CD/ DVD/ USB).
    5. Select this unallocated space for installation.
    6. Enjoy……..
    Remeber that if your main OS is running on GPT (UEFI) partition scheme than you should make a EFI bootbale installation media.

    I have a Dell XPS 14 laptop running windows 8.1 on my HDD. I have another 80 GB SSD. I used that SSD to install windows 10 technical preview and now successfully able to dual boot.

  64. gary

    How do I delete the install files that were copied over? Or which files do I delete?

  65. cdegallo@gmail.com

    This guide was awesome–solved my problem exactly. But I have a lingering question; since you copy the data from the disk/drive to the C: drive you want to install on, what do you do about those files after Windows installs successfully? For example, I see the C:\upgrade folder in my computer, but I assume that’s not a necessary item now that I’ve successfully installed. I suspect there’s a lot of wasted space from these items, but some things look like necessary Windows components (like C:\boot or C:\System Volume Information, etc.). Any indication of being able to delete these and freeing up space?

    Thanks for the awesome guide by the way!

  66. David

    Thank you so much, there’s nothing more embarrassing than a sys admin who can’t fix his own tech!

  67. Juan

    Excellet, it worked great, in my case i couldnt access boot directory, i had to go to windows directory and then access boot directory and then i was ready to go! Thanks a lot.

  68. Kaloyan

    What means “cd boot” ? When i write it, it say “The system cannot find the path specified”. Please help me. I messed up with January version of Windows 7 on USB flash drive KINGSTON DataTraveler 100 G3 16GB, then i messed up with DVD disk and now i installed again on USB flash drive but March version and still the same :@ 😀 😀

  69. Rhys

    Guys, you have made a nightmare of a night so much better, thank you very much.

  70. jean

    Wow. Every other solution did not work. Followed this without any hope. Installing right now. Thank you.

  71. Bish

    Awesome, awesome, awesome why didn’t I think of that solution! Thank you!

    One tiny point: in step 4 you use ‘cd d:’ – the cd isn’t needed when changing mount points, only for changing directories… Other than that, though, cracking stuff – thanks again.

  72. George

    Sometimes the problem is the USB stick. Change USB stick especially if you use USB3 go to an older USB2. That worked for me after some hour of try.

  73. ajjak

    Thanks man for the help.
    Excellent job.

    Changing the usb port from usb 3 to usb 2 solved the problem.

    Cheers …

  74. Melvyn

    Thanksssss you so much!!!!!!!!! I have been tortured for one whole day until read your this solution!!!!It works really great!!!

  75. Bench

    Thanks for this perfect and easy way to Install windows without Problems

  76. Brendan

    Thanks man …. short and sweet and works after many hours of fruitless re-boots 🙂

  77. siamakjafari

    Hi dood.Thanks a lot.I have had this problem for 3 days.Nobody can help me.You solve my problem.You save my money.

  78. anh

    Just one word: miracle!
    Thank you so much for your guide. This help me a lot when I’m stuck and didn’t know what to do, lol.

  79. SimpleGenius

    Oh my God!
    Thank God, thank you, thank diskpart, thank xcopy, thank everybody!
    Great solution for great problem.
    I wish the best for you. Thank again.

  80. Jaydon S (jjws600)

    I was an idiot and didnt try rebooting first, always try it more than once.

  81. bob

    Here is the easiest, but hardest to find answer on the internet. I have messed with this partition windows install problem for ages on multiple computers. The issue is really quite simple, so ignore all these tedious diskpart walkthroughs. The issue is with the USB install device itself. Many Kingston and Sandisk devices somehow cause an install error, but the partitions actually have nothing to do with it.
    Solution #1 is to install from a different brand USB drive,
    or solution #2 is to get to the window that lists drives you can install to. Select the drive you want, remove your USB device, then hit next. You will get a “no media” error. Reinsert the USB, then hit “next”. The installation will begin. Sometimes this may take multiple tries, but in my case, after dozens of “normal” attempts, it worked on the first try.

  82. mad

    Thank you fir providing the best solution ever. I don’t know if the USB drive boot was the problem or something else (though I can’t see what), but it’s now solved. I applied it for Windows 7, as the solution you gave in the other link is still not working for me – and that’s what is hinting at the USB drive as the actual problem. Again, thank you, your post is a gem. Too bat it’s low in the google list when searching for a solution.

  83. Amanda

    I resolved this error trying to get windows 7 over windows xp by opening my computer up and unplugging the hard drive that I wasn’t trying to use. It let me do it after that. Hope that helps someone 🙂 low risk fix to try

  84. josh

    all i had to do was copy my usb to my c drive and it worked for me

  85. MuzioScevola

    i just got the same issue while installing Windows 10. I got to the point where i copied files to C: then installed Windows, and removed the boot entry with BCDEDIT. What i dont know is how to remove files that were copied (i think about 4 Go) to install windows that are still on C. Does anyone have an idea about how to do this ?

  86. Rodneywizg

    This helped so muuuuch. Thank you so much man. Saved me alooooot of time :D. Other methods or tutorials didn’t work at all till I stumbled upon this. Fucking awesome man.

  87. Mystikal

    For Laptop… kinda done something randomly and it work. After installation, I didn’t need to wipe any xcopy files.

    – Don’t have dual hard drive on laptop to xcopy Windows 7 file to.
    – I went ahead and go through the steps and xcopy to the C:\, boot off from it, and get a message”cannot install Windows on this partition” on Windows Setup.
    – Deleted the partition inside the Windows Setup, cancel the setup, and now Windows Setup looks for device drivers.
    – Insert usb Windows 7 bootable, went through custom setup again, selected partition, set new partition, and able to go Next and finished the installations.

  88. Sriram Kumar

    Thanks a lot I wasted 6 months searching how to repair this issue
    finally I got it I hope I got this bfore thnx very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. slava

    Cant believe it!! ! Thaannkkssss! Such easy way to solve it you are the mannnnnn!!!

  90. Siim

    I’ve tried so many things – from disabling the usb ports and formatting and everything.
    The thing that did for me was trying a USB 2.0 flash drive, instead of 3.0.

  91. Tuong Nguyen

    I have a problem on step 4 “Navigate to USB flash drive”. I can know exactly what is a letter of USB flash.
    SOLVED: go to the
    X:\Sources> diskpart
    DISKPART> list volume
    it will show you all of [Volume #xxx][letter C,D,C,F…][Label][Fs][Type]. And now, you can identify the letter for USB flash.

    + important note on this command : xcopy d:c: /e /h /k . you must have a space between d: and c: like this xcopy d: c: /e /h /k

  92. Johnny

    Awesome. It took me hours to find your solution. Glad it worked out. Thanks a lot!

  93. Chris

    Worked perfect, thank you so much. After install and removing the unnecessary boot option, is it safe to remove the files that were copied to install? “efi, sources, support, upgrade, .checksum.md5, autorun, bootmgr.efi, setup”?

  94. Marcello

    Many thanks for this, hours of my life lost before I found this post, thank thank you.

  95. DrDread

    error messages regarding
    *unable to install to partition
    *no system reserved partition

    tried the diskpart method, no dice


    1. boot from windows 7 usb
    2. go to partition page
    3. try to create partition, receive error when installing
    4. unplug usb
    5. error message at bottom of window should change after setup detects no usb
    6. replug usb
    7. go back a page, then forward
    8. delete and recreate partitions
    9. voila, install windows 🙂

  96. Rahul

    Wow.. Amazing Solution.. Finally after 2 sleepless nights.. Thank you..

  97. Nikhil Hazari

    Hi Everyone,

    I have found another best way to solve this issue.

    It worked great in my case.

    Step 1:
    Once you enter partition screen of windows setup, enter into command prompt (Shift+F10 or Shift+Fn+F10)

    Step 2:

    Type the following in command line :

    1) diskpart
    2) select disk 0
    3) clean
    4) convert gpt
    5) exit


    Now you are back to the partition screen. Select “Refresh” and then press “Next”..

    Happy Days Ahead!!! 😉

  98. Victor Martins

    My big issue is that I was using a Kingston USB3 flash drive. I switched to a Kingston USB2 flash drive and it went flawlessly. Being a Kingson hasn’t been a problem for me. Thank you very much for the help! Cheers from Brazil!

  99. Juhamatti Etuaro

    Now this is an actual instruction to fix this problem. None of the basic tricks, such as arranging the boot order or manually cleaning and assigning the hd worked. Thanks!

  100. Anandarup

    Thanks Durss for the awesome steps. I completed all of them and all files got copied to HDD. Then I made the HDD the bootable device but now my laptop upon restart is saying that no bootable device found. Any idea why this is happening?

    1. Desmond

      did you go to cmd prompt with SHIFT+F10 ? and type everything asked? you may have entered partition size wrongly.. everything you type after “create partition primary size=” will be in MBs.. and you will need at least 20000MB which equals to 20GBs for Installation..

  101. Hardik Viradiya

    Hey Bro. You are a life saver.

    I tried all the solutions around the web and finally u were solution to me.

    U have no idea how happy i am to see “installing windows” screen after so many trials.

    THank u thank u so much for such a great tricj and article. Really awesome.

  102. akhilesh

    Great ………..and what I can say is thank you thank you and thank you

  103. mehrdad

    The first task before all round
    Better time through your motherboard setup to the factory settings and try again

  104. jdd

    Thank you so much for this! I was installing Win7 on a Dell XPS M1530 and it took me around 5hrs to figure it out… Your guide was so helpful! Word of advice to other readers tho: during the “xcopy d: c: /e /k/ h” (close to it) step, those parameters might not be the same for you. Also, when you copy the files, the console might get hung up on the install.ell file, as it is a huge file (+2GB). Just be patient, something i didst do the first go around, and it will eventually go through.

  105. razvan

    Had the same issue.. Unplug the USB when the error comes up. Refresh. Plug back the USB, Refresh again and press Next. Thats what i did and it worked!

  106. Theo

    Just want to share my experience. We burn a lot of bootable ISO’s to flashdrives to setup anything from Windows server series to Windows 7 through 10. We ONLY have issues with Kingston drives when it comes to this. I spoke to a guy at tech support from Kingston and after a lot of useless info it basically boils down to its not guaranteed to boot. So i tried all the other troubleshooting options like diskpart, full formats and even the linux way of partitioning and formatting. So several days later i checked my bios and as always the USB disk shows as a harddrive like any other brand of USB disk. I noticed there was a note in the right hand page to “press N” to remove the Kingston USB disk as a “harddrive” which will then mark it as a removeable disk. After pressing N the disk disappeared from the harddisk list and i save/rebooted. It works perfect now!!! This wasnt necessary for any of my other USB disks which booted perfectly every time on various hardware platforms except for my Kingston G3 and Fury 3.0 drives.

    Hope this could help some other frustrated techie 😀

    1. Mike

      Agreed, the problem is the brand of flash drive…for whatever reason.


      Never had a problem with SCCM deployments or vanilla Win8+ with these drives but they have massive problems on Win7, I’m going to take a guess and say it’s probably a device type / new mass storage model thing. Whatever the reason I was getting quite frustrated before trying a different branded drive and the install went straight through.

  107. Dylan

    I get the error “no bootable filename recieved” when trying to boot up win7… Any ideas?

  108. Steve

    Thank you the for help in regards to installing windows 7.
    Installing windows on a thumb drive is not as easy as you would think.
    I was continuing getting error massages “Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the setup log files for more information.”

    Microsoft, as usually, had no data on fixing the problem or it was so will hidden.

    Thanks again

  109. Brian

    This worked for me on my new build but I copied from CD as I couldn’t get the USB to work. Many thanks, solved a very annoying problem.

  110. Muhammad

    i got this problem when installing windows 10…
    in tutorial said

    select disk=0. Disk 0 is your destination drive, so be careful, all information on this drive will be removed.
    create partition primary size=xxx, where xxx – is the size of new partition

    mine on 0 this is my full HD 600Gb it still available 65gb free space (C) so if i selecet disk 0 like tutorial suggested will it deleted my whole data from HD,,,??


  111. siddharth kumar

    Thank u very very…………much it works.
    I always greatful to you,thank u once again.

  112. Desmond

    thank you very much! very smart solution! i googled a lot, but could not find any better solution than this.. it seems that, issue is associated with partition of internal hard drive. you delete the existing partition, and recreate it and succeed in installation..
    one again thank you!

  113. atb

    Thanks you SO MUCH!!!! it worked, after a full day of screwing around. Finally.

  114. Ian

    Help, this worked once before but now i can’t find my hard drive in the volume. just the cd and usb drives
    . there is no letter attributed to my hard drive.

  115. Charlie

    This saved me as well! Thanks so much! This is the one and only fix out there that I could find!

  116. Emile

    Thank you so much, this solution was the only one that helped me. I would realy like to meet you, Tell when when and where and I will fly over to buy you a beer.

    1. Nikhil

      Ooh Really..!!
      Thank You and I would surely love to have one. :-p

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  118. Daniel

    Bro i drop my FILAMI 4 u. Your method worked like charm after hours of futility.

  119. Ajay kenia

    Thankyou soo much!!
    That was just brillient.. Like many others i too have been cracking my head over this for hours. Try different windows discs and what not.. This worked like a charm and also.. Copying the files onto the ssd made windows 7 instillation soo quick! Thankyou

  120. rohit

    hello dear ,

    I had made D drive bootable and install the window in C drive. As of now syatem is running fine can u suggest what to do with D drive, i tried to format but no luck. Plesse suggest as it eating up space n had windoe logo on it. How to deal with it pls suggest as i have onky 160gd hdd.

  121. Alvz

    Many thanks to you good sir, the tricky solution worked for me.

    I’ve been trying many ways to do this but your post did it for me. Thank you very much.

  122. Attowey

    My boss, you are the real deal. Thanks a million for helping me out of days of restlessness. Thank God there are people like you in the world. Peace

  123. Rodel


    Thank you for this. It works with me like a charm. The instructions are very clear and awesome!

    All the best!


  124. Phạm Dũng

    Thanks so much. I have fix error and install win 10 🙂

  125. Rotem Lahav Inbar

    Thank you very much!
    I did it with installation from cd and it worked just great.

  126. Mohd Fayeem

    My cmd shows is not recognized as an internal or external command an also it type ‘?’ Instead of letters or words

    1. Alex

      Dude, just remove any sata HDDs You have and leave just the one you want to install on . ohh and dont ușe kingstone usb sticks. Worked for me!!!

  127. Bogdan

    when i copy from USB flash drive to C: , it only copies 215 files, more exactly 4 folders with their subfolders, and that is all, the rest of important things like windows folder and rest is not copied…. xcopy x: c: /e /h /k was the command i used (X: beeing my flash drive

  128. bhaguri

    i followed every instruction but nothing happens after computer restarts. any suggestions?

  129. Alex

    It didn’t work for me. So, I did this…
    1. I took an external hard drive and when they ask for drivers use the option that allows to look for them using explorer. Copy-paste in your hard whaterver you want. 😉
    2. Use diskpart and clean all hard drive.
    3. Enjoy

  130. ME

    I have this problem on HP servers (G8 DL380) but not with the right approach. heeeeeeeeeeelp pleeeeeeeeeeeease 🙁

  131. Luuk Suckdickalot

    Is there a place we can meet up just so i can suck your dick. Man i was stuck on this problem forever and you helped me. No homo.

  132. nightscloud2

    i didn’t do the best approach but it was the simplest. i deleted all partitions and left it as “unallocated space” hit next and boom! however i dont have a recovery part but who cares when things break i reinstall anyway

  133. Rick

    This was my solution:

    Do all the process till Nr 7, then exit the console and just start the installation as you normally would.

    Hope it helps

  134. Bobby Bernandito

    is it really need to format all drives on my hdd? because i don’t want to loose my data in D.
    so.. i can’t just copy my flashdisk data to disk c? without formatting disk D?

  135. Chandan Baral

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    no words to say,
    Everything is correct.
    I solved my problem finally.

  136. Lionel

    thousand thank you. I have been sorry for 3 days now, I was able to get out thanks to you

  137. Darwin

    can anyone help me?
    I’m also facing this problem and whenever I create partition via diskpart it says that :data error (cyclic redundancy check). that’s why I cannot create partition


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