How to connect to OpenShift with putty (ssh)

By | January 11, 2015

I’m hosting 5 of my sites on OpenShift. Sometimes I need to connect to my applications through ssh. On Windows, I’m using putty to do that.

Here is small “how-to” about connecting to the OpenShift application.

First, you need a private and a public keys. To generate them you need puttygen

Open puttygen and press generate:



Move your mouse in “Key” area until progress bar is full.

Then type your passphrase and press save private key.


Also, copy all text from Public key section (starts from ssh-rsa)

Now go to OpenShift web interface. Select settings and press “Add a new key…” button.

Insert public key here

OpenShift add key

Press ‘Create’. Now you OpenShift account is ready to recieve connections subscribed with generated private key, but you need to know where to connect.

Go to your application and copy username and host address

openshift url

Now open putty and past it there:



Go to Connection -> SSH -> Auth and set Private key file for authentication


Now save putty session and connect to OpenShift application.

7 thoughts on “How to connect to OpenShift with putty (ssh)

  1. Marcos Lerin

    Awesome! thanks for your article! quite straight forward and direct to the point!

  2. Evelyn

    I just followed this guide and it resufed a root login. Changing the username from root to ec2-user worked fine though. I was then able to login and sudo su to root user. Maybe this is a recent change?

  3. faisal

    you are awesome ..!!

    Thank you so much for this .

    You have no idea how long I was looking for this.

    1. Sourish Mazumdar

      awesome tutorial thanks 🙂 , and faisal are you a new youtuber ? and posted a video on making twitter bot!

  4. WOODS

    OpenShift web interface. Select settings…..Where is settings? Can not find it.


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