[How-to] Remove BlueStacks Ads (Sponsored Apps Popup)

By | June 1, 2015

BlueStacks-LogoIf you are annoyed by BlueStacks Ads banner, here are couple of ways to remove it from BlueStacks.

If you have BlueStacks version  0.9.24, 0.9.25 and higher:



  • Open Windows command prompt (cmd.exe)
  • Run command
    "c:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-Adb.exe" shell
  • Then execute:
  • And then:
    pm disable-user com.bluestacks.s2p

Alternative solution:

  • Start BlueStacks
  • Open Root Explorer
  • Navigate to: /data/downloads
  • Remove file S2P.apk

If you have BlueStacks older than 0.9.24:

  • Run BlueStacks
  • Open Root Explorer
  • Navigate to: /system/app
  • Remove file S2P.apk

28 thoughts on “[How-to] Remove BlueStacks Ads (Sponsored Apps Popup)

  1. tatiana

    mi app bluestacks dejo de funcionar de la noche a la mañana, simplemente no me abre para nada, eh ido a solucionar problemas y nada, no me carga, se queda en la nada… digame si me puede ayudar, me han dicho que hay que desisntalarlo y volver a instalar pero no se si sera esa la solucion definitiva no quiero perder mis contactos de wsapp n mi pc, ayudenme

  2. RingaLing

    After using Windows command prompt method then removing it using root explorer. It can still return! How to permanently stop it from returning? Bluestack must have download its core

  3. kim mallon

    Having purchased my subscription to Bluestacks I now find that the whole site has been taken down and I can not open the program at all, was this all a big scam to get subscriptions from hundreds of people if so you need to be prosecuted for theft. I would like my money back ASAP.

    1. asdasd

      KIm mallon are you a idiot ? if thats the case you would have a virus in your computer

  4. Allz_hat

    I dunno if it just work for me or not, I not remove/delete S2P.apk just rename it mv S2P.apk S2P.apk.bak and it not showing for at least 4 hours now. I’ll looking for what cause it reappear (if it reappear).

  5. adam

    cREATE A NEW FILE CALLED s2p.apk after renaming old one s2p/apk.bak. works for me for months

    1. james kaley

      how did you create new file and did you change the extension from apk to bak.

  6. Andre

    Bluestacks is a bloatware. Install Memu. It’s better because there are no intrusive ads.

  7. kernan

    when i write first command, “error: device not found” appear. how can i fix it?

  8. Nige

    i upgraded my bluestacks recently and now it says naviagting and a blue screen appears on the bluestack window. now and then. how can i deactivcate this?


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