[Fix][Windows 10] ctrl+c / ctrl+v not working in cmd.exe

By | August 1, 2015

After installing Visual Studio 2015 on my fresh Windows 10, I’ve figured out that ctrl+c \ ctrl+v not working anymore in command prompt (cmd.exe)

For some reason, VS has put my cmd.exe in the legacy mode. To fix that:

  • Open cmd.exe
  • Right click on a windows header
  • Go to Properties 
  • Option tab
  • Deselect Use legacy console
  • Close cmd.exe


2 thoughts on “[Fix][Windows 10] ctrl+c / ctrl+v not working in cmd.exe

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  2. Инна

    Don’t see CTRL + N listed which one can use when file explorer is in foreground to create a new file explorer window that starts in the same folder path. On windows 10, add the Windows button to the mix and the file will be saved to “Screenshots” folder on your PC’s “Pictures” folder.


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