[Windows 10] VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR after wake up

By | August 2, 2015

I have installed new Windows 10 on my PC, everything was fine until I decided to put my computer in to a sleep mode. After a while I turn on my computer and got my first BSOD.



After this error, I have tried to update my chipset and video drivers, that didn’t work.

Then I have disabled Inter Rapid Start Technology in BIOS, result is the same – still BSOD after returning from the sleep mode.

Probably this is driver issue, so now I am waiting for a fix from Intel (I have integrated graphic HD4600) and will use hibernation instead (at least this feature is working well in Windows 10)

Fix (thanks to ArionWT)

Set 128Mb of Intel HD Graphics memory in BIOS. Must temporarily help. It just a driver bug.

Possible fix (thanks to Todd)

  • Download old driver version
  • Extract drivers
  • Open Device Manager
  • Select Display adapter -> Intel HD Graphics 4600
  • Open Properties -> Driver tab
  • Click Update Driver
  • Select Browse my computer for driver software
  • Then Let me pick from a list of devices on my computer
  • Click Have Disk… button
  • Specify path to extracted drivers
  • Reboot computer

In my case it didn’t help. But at least after that I have no BSOD anymore. Just a black screen with a mouse cursor. Maybe this will help in your case.

49 thoughts on “[Windows 10] VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR after wake up

  1. Todd

    Try: device manager,display adapter,intel hd graphics 4600 ,peoperties,driver,update driver,browse my computer for driver software ,let me pick from a list,and select the version

    This might fix the issue until Intel gets a new version out.

    1. druss Post author

      Thanks, unfortunately it didn’t help. But now I can see mouse on a black screen after woke up. No bsod anymore… 🙂

    2. Hari Darshan Lamba

      It say you have already installed latest version and installing version it says minimum requirement does not meet. what I do now.

  2. ArionWT

    Set 128Mb of Intel HD Graphics memory in BIOS. Must temporarily help. It just a driver bug.

    1. Andrew

      This fixed it for me! Thx. BTW my Intel HD 4600 driver version is

      1. Przemyslaw W

        Is there any option to set 128 Mb memory for video card if there is no such option in BIOS?
        Is it possible to set it via Windows?
        I have Lenovo y50-70 59-440253.

          1. Przemyslaw W

            Benny, try to download “Download old driver version” that is linked here. It still doesn’t work very good. I still hear fan during playing any video 🙂 but there is no BSOD, so it helped a little.

            You can check topic which I started on Microsoft forum, but they didn’t help too much: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update/video-scheduler-internal-error-on-windows-10/46cece58-9a11-4e0e-8796-6c327c87e8f5?tm=1439799896584&auth=1

      2. JaeHyeok Ju

        Hi, i’m Jaehyeok from South Korea.
        I CANNOT find some methods for curing this terrible problem in the Korea website
        BUT!! your method is very good for my laptop and i could FINALLY!! fix the BSOD & sleep mode problem
        Thanks to your help, I was able to do it.

    2. Henry Zhang

      Thanks to ArionWT, so far this is the only way to go, for my ASUS N551JK Windows 10, with intel hd graphics 4600+Nvidia GTX 850M. Both 128M and 256M OK by editing Bios’s graphic configuration. Henry

    3. Isaac M

      How do you even get INTO BIOS on Windows 10? I have no options in the Boot menu, and trying to restart my computer from recovery options will leave the computer dormant without ever turning on.

      1. Nick

        Just hold the DELETE key when you power on. That should either take you into the BIOS or direct you to a motherboard options screen from which usually F2 then takes you into the BIOS.
        Happy tinkering!

  3. Xane Myers

    The way I’d bump into this problem is when rotating the camera through a model in MikuMikuDance; The screen turns on and off to a black screen like five times, then a Windows error noise can be heard.

    After this, I can hear my video still running; Pushing the power button results in this error.

    I think Microsoft released Windows 10 too early for Intel(R).

  4. Leif Rhedin

    1. Den “blå sidan” kommer upp vid öppning av datorn. den slås av och öppnar igen, VARFÖR DET TAR TID?
    2. Min e-post enl. ovan kan jag skicka ifrån, men kan EJ taga emot e-post?
    3. Avstängningsknappen fungerar EJ? ( tar bort batteriet samt srömen).

    V.v. Har uppdaterat från W8.1 till W10 Home, behöver hjälp för att åtgärda dess problem.

  5. Wade Slomski

    The problem is that after updating to Windows 10 the computer can’t anymore resume from standby, but will always crash to blue screen of death. Because of the video related error code in the message, I believe it could be due to graphics drivers.

  6. mathijs Vink

    I set my intel graphic memory to 128MB in BIOS, but unfortunately my Laptop still got BSOD while I try to watch a stream on Twitch.tv. Does anyone have an idea why?

  7. Kirk

    Change in BIOS to 128 MB worked for me also (I previously had 512 MB set): Graphics Adapter Intel HD 4600, my driver version is

    Thanks ArionWT!!

  8. Ruben Morillo

    I have changed in Bios to 128 MB and worked very well, but is not the idea, is there any other fix without affecting the performance of the PC? please provide your feedback.

    1. Kirk

      I agree with you Ruben that this ought not be a permanent fix. But, I have found no other and really do not perceive a “performance hit” at the 128 MB allocation. Sooner or later Intel and/or MS will issue a “proper” fix.

    1. Kirk

      I have subsequently increased to 256 MB on my Gigabyte H97-D3H board without any problems. I have also updated the Intel driver for the 4600 HD to the 8/24/15 ( .4279) one. (I always have a problem between the Intel driver version number and the one shown by Windows – the 4279 is the same, however.)

  9. David

    I have the same problem. I just updated my Windows 8.1 desktop to Windows 10 Home and all is now running fine apart from this BSOD which occurs when restarting the PC from Sleep. As I use the PC as a Media Centre the ability to Sleep is important.

    Other posts here indicate that this problem is related to the drivers for the Intel HD graphics, however the HD Graphics is not enabled on my machine and Graphics are provided by the Nvidia GTX 660 card. The PC has been fully updated with the latest Windows Updates and I have installed the latest Nvidia Graphics driver 355.98 released 22nd September.

    I have checked with the latest drivers available on the Asus site for my Z87-A motherboard (MEI_V11_0_0_1155-20150709_WHQL_1-5M) and in fact the Windows 10 drivers installed are later version than those on the Asus site

  10. Drew

    Maybe? I just installed – been having this issue, usually when I stop watching Netflix in full screen.

    Highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 15.9.1 Beta Windows Driver

    Resolved Issues:
    ◾[77609] A video memory leak can occur when browser and other windows are resized

  11. Peter

    I think I found another solution – I just disabled “Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600” in Display adapters section.
    So now Windows uses, as I think, “Video Controller (VGA Compatible)” – default Windows Display adapter driver. It came from 2006, but it is enough for watching movies.

  12. David

    Problem is now resolved on my PC after installing the 1511 Build 10586 update

  13. Vero

    I have the problem, and I am not a programmer, so would you please tell me how I get the 1511 Build 10586 update? I have a lenovo T440p computer, if that helps.

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  15. clare

    Hello my laptop showed this screen video scheduler internal error and it got to 100% but nothing happend. I let it for an hour and again the problem wasnt resolved.. then i closed the laptop and when i opened this morning the screen wont start at all.. what to do plzzzx help

  16. Jimmy

    “Set 128Mb of Intel HD Graphics memory in BIOS……….”
    WOW! It Works! thanks 🙂

  17. Kristen Sykes

    I can’t find Intel HD Graphics 4600. I have an HP computer and my Display Adapter says AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics. Having the same error.

  18. Althepal

    I have the same issue but only when I try to watch netflix or kodi. I have to delete the adapter driver every time I restart or take it out of hibernation mode. I have a Toshiba with an AMD chip and 8400 graphics card still no fix tries all these things already.

  19. Amy

    I was on my tablet and a blue screen that says video_schedule_internal_error popped up and it says it’s on 100% but its been saying that for an hour or more hasn’t restarted or anything. What do I do???????

  20. Aman Sharma

    I am having a Hp Pavilion notebook ab522tx . When ever I play Gta V or Batman or any high graphic game this Video Scheduler error comes. Sometimes in 5mins or more, It only occurs when i play the game. please help me out

  21. Carlos

    I´ve got the same problem since system was update last thursday.
    Laptop hangs and BSD video_schedule_internal_error

  22. exploit-hack

    The things i have observed in terms of pc memory is always that there are features such as SDRAM, DDR or anything else, that must match up the requirements of the motherboard. If the personal computer’s motherboard is rather current and there are no computer OS issues, updating the ram literally requires under a couple of hours. It’s among the list of easiest pc upgrade techniques one can think about. Thanks for giving your ideas.


    1. Carlos

      No way. Problem is windows update. if you download another app to watch videos, as potplayer for example, you won´t have this trouble again

  23. WhyDoYouWantToKnow

    So I didn’t get this error after waking up I got it after pausing a youtube video and opening steam. Can someone please help because this has happened more than once. Thanks

  24. Anjan chatterjee

    I also have same problem when i use windows media player not in VLC .

  25. David Perlman

    I had the error and contacted Amazon help since that is where I bought the computer. The resolution was simple:
    Control Panel–>Clock Language Region–>Date and Time–>Internet Time (tab at top)–>Change Settings.

    Make sure time.windows.com is selected and Synchronize box is checked then click Update Now.

  26. Mr. Diganhal

    I guess you guys don’t understand the problem. When you get the error (video_scheduler_internal_error) you no longer can get Windows 10 to boot up so you can run all these wonderful fixes. Savvy? This was a clean install too.

  27. Steve

    The way I got around this was by doing the following:

    Open Device Manager
    Select Display adapter -> Intel HD Graphics 4600
    Open Properties -> Driver tab
    Click Update Driver
    Select Browse my computer for driver software
    Then Let me pick from a list of devices.
    Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

    I have the 980m driver installed for games and will have it run anything that I can.

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