Sync Open Tabs


Sync Open Tabs

Sync Open Tabs – is an opera extension that synchronize opened tabs between your computers.

How it works:

This extension uses Opera Link API to store opened tabs in opera notes. It creates folder in your notes, named “_sync-tabs” and puts one note per computer in this folder with following format:

<User defined computer name>
<url from tab#1>
<url from tab#2>
<url from tab#n>

It updates information about opened tabs every 10 seconds.

Sources: github


+ Memory leak fixed

How to start:

  1. Download this extension and drag-and-drop it on the browser or install it from gallery.
  2. Click to the extension icon, enter computer name (everything you want: Home, Work, Laptop etc…)

    Screenshot #1

  3. Click “Get Opera Link verifier code” button. Opera Link authorization page will be opened. (If you don’t have Opera Link account – you should create it)

    Screenshot #2

    Screenshot #2

  4. Grant access to the application

    Screenshot #3

    Screenshot #3

  5. Copy verifier code

    Screenshot #4

    Screenshot #4

  6. Open the extension window (see screenshot #1)
  7. Paste verifier code

    Screenshot #5

    Screenshot #5

  8. Click “Save Configuration”

How to use:

  1. Click to the extension icon.
  2.  You will see list of your synchronized computers with Open Tabs link.
  3. Click on link and all tabs from the computer will be opened in a separate tab group.

4 thoughts on “Sync Open Tabs

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  3. rio

    wish to sync Android Opera opened tabs to desktop and vice versa! 🙂

  4. ropblHbl4

    Интересная идея, вроде бы хорошая реализация, но есть вопрос:
    как переименовать компьютер в этом списке?
    Или как попасть к экрану из шага №3, где можно заного зарегать свой комп?

    Пробовал отключать/удалять расширение – всё равно помнит предыдущее название и не хочет давать шанс ввести новое.

    Пробовал изменять заметки – тоже не помолго.


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