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Блогомарафон v2.0. Статистика. Результаты. Выводы

Вот и закончился блогомарафон v2.0. Не просто было 30-ть дней подряд писать по одной статье, но я справился 🙂 С результатами марафона можно ознакомиться по тегу блогомарафон. Теперь пришло время проанализировать результаты, сделать небольшие выводы и поделиться впечатлениями. Первое что приходит в голову после месяца написания статей, порой очень тяжело найти тему для очередного поста.… Read More »

[ASP.NET 5] Production Ready Web Server on Linux. Run Kestrel In The Background

In the previous article we have installed nginx as a “gate” for our ASP.NET 5 application. Today we will see how to start kestrel server in the background. We will do even more, we will create init.d script to control our APS.NET 5 application and start it on  the system’s startup. The simplest way to… Read More »

[Fix] Error “Status: 0xc00000e9” in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

You might get this error during booting or while installing a new version of Windows. Error code 0xc00000e9 refers to an unexpected I/O error. Usually, it is caused by damaged HDD, so first what you should do is to check you Hard Drive. You can use standard Windows CHKDSK or Linux ntfsfix. Load from Windows or Linux live USB… Read More »

AdSense Consultation. How It Works

Recently I’ve got an email from Publisher Monetization Specialist from Google. I was surprised. Why me? I’ve just registered in the Google AdSense, my blog is not so popular, why specialist from google decided to contact me? We’ve arranged a phone call to talk about my account and the monetization of my site. After that, I’ve… Read More »

C# 6.0 await in catch/finally

C# 6.0 become more asynchronous-friendly than before. Finally, you can use await keyword in catch and finally blocks! Here is example: class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { do { Console.WriteLine("Before caller " + Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId); CallerMethod(); Console.WriteLine("After caller " + Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId); } while (Console.ReadKey().Key != ConsoleKey.Q); } public static async void CallerMethod() { try {… Read More »

[Raspberry Pi 2] Create C# Background Application for Windows 10 IoT Core

In this article,  we will see how to create simple Web Server for Raspberry Pi 2 running Windows 10 IoT Core. Because it is a Web Server we don’t need UI for this application, we can run it in headless mode. Open Visual Studio 2015 RC and create Windows IoT Core Background Application solution. Now… Read More »

[Raspberry Pi 2] Enable Headless Mode on Windows 10 IoT Core

If you want to run your application as a service (without UI) on Windows 10 IoT Core you first need to switch your device to the headless mode. First, let’s connect to your Raspberry Pi 2 with a Power Shell, so then we can execute commands remotely on the device. Run PowerShell as an Administrator… Read More »

[vNext] ASP.NET 5 Automatic Migrations with Fluent NHibernate

As I said in the previous article, I am gonna tell you about Automatic migrations with NHibernate and Fluent NHibernate in ASP.NET 5 applications. Automatic migrations is a really powerful feature, but you should be also really careful with it. Sometimes it might corrupt your schema or even data. Now back to ASP.NET 5 and… Read More »

[BlueStacks] How to kill process after exit

In BlueStacks version 0.9.24, after you close emulator from a tray menu it will stay in a system as a background process. It might slow down your host system. To properly close BlueStacks you need to run c:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-Quit.exe  To speed up this process, create a shortcut on desktop and use it to close your… Read More »

[ASP.NET 5] Production Ready Web Server on Linux. Kestrel + nginx

You can run ASP.NET 5 applications on Linux using kestrel web server. This is development web server, so it has limited functionality. But sometimes you need more functions, for example, https or virtual hosts support. Today we will see how to configure a system, so you can access your application through a domain name. First, you need ASP.NET 5 environment… Read More »