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C# 6.0 Auto-Property Initializers

Advertisement from Google The next new feature of the C# 6.0 is auto-property initializers and get-only auto property. The main problem that they suppose to solve is immutable type declaration. Before C# 6.0, if you want to create immutable type with properties, you have no possibility to use auto property: public string Property { get; set;… Read More »

C# 6.0 Null Propagation Operators ?. and ?[]

C# 6.0 introduced two new null-propagation operators: ?. and ?[]. They will make null reference check much easier. In this article, we will see how they work and how they implemented internally. We all know about NullReferenceException and how to avoid it in our code. We just need to check everything for null before accessing some fields\properties\methods. Null… Read More »

C# 6.0 String Interpolation

One of the top ten requests on uservoice is String Interpolation. Today we are going to see how to use this feature and how it is implemented in C# 6.0. We all use similar expressions: var str = string.Format("Date: {0}", DateTime.Now); This is string interpolation in C# before 6.0. Now, in C# 6.0, we have new string interpolation… Read More »