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ASP.NET Core + PostgreSQL + Docker + Bitbucket = ♥

How to build, test and deploy your ASP.NET Core application in a single click (commit & push)? In this article I will answer this question and show you how to configure CI and CD with Docker and Bitbucket. We will develop simple ASP.NET Core application with single API method to save string value in database. We… Read More »

[Fixed] “CARTRIDGE_VERSION_2: line 1: 2: command not found” OpenShift application push error

After pushing updated version of my  wordpress blog to OpenShift git repository, I have got “CARTRIDGE_VERSION_2: line 1: 2: command not found” error. You could see this error if you are pushing your changes in Drupal, WordPress, Rails, Spring, Django, Reveal.js, CakePHP, or Dancer applications. To fix this error go to OpenShift applications repository and get the… Read More »

Synchronize OpenShift application after update

For this blog I am using OpenShift cloud (started plan).   After updating wordpress engine through admin panel, updated files are not available in application git repository because they were not commited to git on remote server. To synchronize your OpenShift application with git repository you should perform following steps: Install and configure rhc command… Read More »

Deploy ASP.NET MVC 4 application + WCF service to the free AppHarbor cloud

This article is a step by step instruction to deploy your ASP.NET MVC 4 application that hosts WCF service to the free AppHarbor cloud hosting with MS SQL server and NewRelic monitoring functionality. Configure AppHarbor You need to register an account on https://appharbor.com/, then go to “Your Applications” and create the new one. For example we… Read More »