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“The system has returned from a low power state.” in the middle of the night

When I’m done working with my computer, I usually put it in a sleep mode. But recently (probably after some windows update), in the morning my computer was always on. Reason First I checked Event Viewer and found following record: The system has returned from a low power state. Sleep Time: ‎2015‎-‎07‎-‎29T20:54:24.378170500Z Wake Time: ‎2015‎-‎07‎-‎30T02:18:17.109989000Z… Read More »

[Fix] Error “Status: 0xc00000e9” in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

You might get this error during booting or while installing a new version of Windows. Error code 0xc00000e9 refers to an unexpected I/O error. Usually, it is caused by damaged HDD, so first what you should do is to check you Hard Drive. You can use standard Windows CHKDSK or Linux ntfsfix. Load from Windows or Linux live USB… Read More »

[Fix] VT-x is not available. (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)

I got this error after installing Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 with Windows Phone 8.1 emulator. Sometimes  you can get this error if you turned off VTx or AMDv in bios. So, first things to do is: make sure that Virtualization is enabled in bios. Next – turn off Hyper-V. After installing Visual Studio with emulator… Read More »

How to connect to OpenShift with putty (ssh)

I’m hosting 5 of my sites on OpenShift. Sometimes I need to connect to my applications through ssh. On Windows, I’m using putty to do that. Here is small “how-to” about connecting to the OpenShift application. First, you need a private and a public keys. To generate them you need puttygen Open puttygen and press generate:… Read More »

[How-To] Get free developer account in the Windows Store \ Windows Phone Store

Edit: This information is outdated! Recently, Microsoft have introduced new “Dev Center Benefits” program. If you’re a serious app development expert, as past of this program you can create developer account in the Windows Store or the Windows Phone Store for free. But then you need to publish application in one of those stores. To… Read More »

[Review] New features of Windows 10 Technical Preview

As you can see in my previous post  I have successfully installed Windows 10 Technical Preview on Virtual Box. Now I want to show you new features which were added in Windows 10 Technical Preview. No window borders: Now: Before: New show\hide windows animations Now windows slide from top with fade in effect. New Start menu Taskbar… Read More »

[How To] Automatically start a program when you turn on your computer

Autostart a program you use every day by adding a shortcut to the Windows Startup folder. (If this is too much of a distraction or makes your computer start too slowly, you can always delete the shortcut from the Startup folder.) Windows 7 Right-click the icon of the program you want to start automatically, and… Read More »

Решение проблем с установкой Windows 8.1 (8, 7, Vista, etc) с USB флешки (Программе установки не удалось создать новый или найти существующий системный раздел)

Привет всем любителям маздая 😉 Надумал я обновить вянду у себя на PC, друг подкинул крякабельную windows 8.1 и соответствующий кряк. Образ залит на флешечку, машина уходит в ребут, загрузка пошла, доходим до выбора диска, нажимает Далее и видим уеб*щное  сообщение с всеми нелюбимой ошибкой “Программе установки не удалось создать новый или найти существующий системный раздел“.… Read More »