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How-to Restore WordPress Site

In conclusion of “How-to Backup WordPress Site” article, here is small instruction to restore your backup: Upload files to VPS Upload you www.tar.gz and database.sql to the new VPS. You can use WinSCP (as described here) Extract www file structure Extract files: tar -xvf www.tar.gz And copy files: cp -a www/oldsite.com/www/* /var/yoursite.com/www Change permissions: cd /var/yoursite.com/www chown… Read More »

nginx wordpress configuration

Simple but working nginx configuration for wordpress based web site… server { server_name site.com; root /var/site.com/www; index index.php; location = /favicon.ico { log_not_found off; access_log off; } location = /robots.txt { allow all; log_not_found off; access_log off; } location ~ /\. { deny all; } location ~* /(?:uploads|files)/.*\.php$ { deny all; } location / {… Read More »

Migrate from Apache to nginx + php-fpm and speed up your site twice

This blog is hosted (together with mintchocolate.org) on a small VPS (1×2.8 Ghz, 256 Мб RAM, 10 Gb SSD). This VPS is shipped with apache2, php and mysql. As you can see I am using wordpress for this blog, also I have approximately 1000 unique visitors per day (half of them visit this and this articles). So it is… Read More »

[Fixed] “CARTRIDGE_VERSION_2: line 1: 2: command not found” OpenShift application push error

After pushing updated version of my  wordpress blog to OpenShift git repository, I have got “CARTRIDGE_VERSION_2: line 1: 2: command not found” error. You could see this error if you are pushing your changes in Drupal, WordPress, Rails, Spring, Django, Reveal.js, CakePHP, or Dancer applications. To fix this error go to OpenShift applications repository and get the… Read More »

Synchronize OpenShift application after update

For this blog I am using OpenShift cloud (started plan).   After updating wordpress engine through admin panel, updated files are not available in application git repository because they were not commited to git on remote server. To synchronize your OpenShift application with git repository you should perform following steps: Install and configure rhc command… Read More »

Code Snippet

Есть такой плагин на wordpress. Скачать можно от сюда. Способ использования: [соde lang=”язык”] текст который надо выделить [/соde] Список языков прилагается: actionscript-french actionscript ada apache applescript asm asp bash caddcl cadlisp c_mac c cpp csharp css-gen css delphi diff div dos d eiffel freebasic gml html4strict ini inno java javascript lisp lua matlab mpasm nsis… Read More »